Body Support System

Orthopedic positioning device from USA

Dancohr Corporation B.V.

Bentlon Podiatry Chair Platinum Twist, from The Netherlands

Days Healthcare Ltd.

Electric Power Wheelchair from UK

E.M.S. Electro Medical System S.A.

Wide range of medical precision equipment (Orthopedic, Urological and Dental Prophylaxis instruments), from Switzerland

G. Heinemann Medizintechnik GmbH

High quality ENT Treatment Units from Germany

gbo Medizintechnik AG

HighTone technology, electrotherapy, ultrasound, HF diathermy, cryotherapy and traction, from Germany


Paraffin Skin Care Wax from Korea

Medi GmbH & Co. KG

Orthopaedic Soft and Rigid Braces, Elastic Supports, Silicone Insoles from Germany


Precision and performance Pilates Equipment from Canada

Metron Medical

NovyMed International BV

Medical furniture for hospitals and healthcare facilities from The Netherlands


Brick Air Cushion & Anti-decubitus mattress from Korea

Oakworks Medical

Examination, Ultrasound, Urology & Physical Therapy Tables, Procedure Chairs from USA

Performance Health Int'l Ltd.

Electrotherapy Systems/ Treatment Couch/ Tables & Rehabilitation Accessories from UK

SEERS Medical Limited

Therapy & Examination Couch/ Tables /Shower Trolley/ Gynecology Chairs from UK

Shaw Med Manufacturing

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Equipment from UK

Tokyo Iken Co., Ltd.

SUPER LIZER Near-infrared Therapy Device, from Japan

Whiteley Medical Supplies Pty Ltd.

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and allied Health products from Australia